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The main goal of the Centre is to give back to society and generate funds for the School and  University, through the organisation of hands-on training in various disciples of Information Technology…

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Innovative Solutions

Our Methods maximizes Learning & Fast-Tracks Skills Acquisition

Experienced Team

We have well experienced, Qualified Experts for each Service we provide.

Flexible Pricing

We Provide services at a very competitive but moderate cost to our clients.

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About Us

Providing Demand Driven Solutions

PITTBIC is a centre under the School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS), CKT-UTAS

Our Courses

We provide training to individuals, cooperate institutions and agencies through short programmes and courses

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

graphics design

Database Management

computer networking

microsoft office suite

Introductory Data Science and Machine Learning

Software Development (using Visual C#, Visual Basic or Java)

Advanced MATLAB and Latex

Do you Want to be Mentored?

We provide mentoring services at a very competitive but moderate cost to our clients.

pittbic cktutas machine learning

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